Thursday, December 13, 2018

Indian Kurties For Girls

Girls usually use kurti with jeans, skirts and etc, which is little shorter then kurta. Here is a great collection of Indian Kurties for girls which is designed by anonymous designer.

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How To Remove Stains On Clothes

Sometimes its very difficult to remove stains they can be a pain in the neck. in the below video author is providing very useful information on how to remove stains.

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Ideas to Tie Neck Scarf

This scarf lady explaining how to tie neck scarf indifferent ways. Check out this video for more scarf ideas for the spring/summer season!

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Cute Baby Hug (23 Photos)

A Hug means a lot for everyone. It is a cute connection between the once you love.

Here we have one of the most beautiful pictures of cute babies who are hugging their pets, siblings, teddies and dolls.

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Cool Paper Cutting Art

Paper cutting art originated in Japan, where it flourished over a thousand years ago. Here we are sharing very interesting and unique collection of Paper Cutting Art by various artists and designers.

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How to Get Glowing Skin at Home

Everyone wants to look beautiful. Besides makeup, a healthy glowing skin is the key factor of a beautiful personality.
In the video below are some of most effective natural ways to get glowing skin at home.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ilena D’Cruz Photoshoot For Verve Magazine July 2017

Ileana Dcruz photoshoot for Verve Magazine July 2017 issue. Her golden brownish makeup with straight hair takes the Verve cover to a different level. The tag line of the cover is “Ileana D’Cruz Portrait Of A Star”.

Beautiful Norway Fjords Wallpapers

Here we have amazing Norway Fjords Wallpaper. Norway fjords have heart-stopping beauty which includes wondrous tall mountains, pitted lakes, pure fresh waterscape, snow-smudged rocks, thundering waterfalls, green tantalizing forests, aurora borealis and glaciers that never melt. All together makes this country a heavenly land on earth.

Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals With MOM (25 Photos)

Here are incredible pictures of cute baby animals with mom from the land, sea and air. In this collection you will see cat, giraffe, bear, tiger, lion, monkeys and lots of other baby animals.

Top 10 Fast Fat Burning Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat Fast

The video below gives information on some of the fast fat burning foods that will help to lose belly fat fast.