Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ilena D’Cruz Photoshoot For Verve Magazine July 2017

Ileana Dcruz photoshoot for Verve Magazine July 2017 issue. Her golden brownish makeup with straight hair takes the Verve cover to a different level. The tag line of the cover is “Ileana D’Cruz Portrait Of A Star”.

Beautiful Norway Fjords Wallpapers

Here we have amazing Norway Fjords Wallpaper. Norway fjords have heart-stopping beauty which includes wondrous tall mountains, pitted lakes, pure fresh waterscape, snow-smudged rocks, thundering waterfalls, green tantalizing forests, aurora borealis and glaciers that never melt. All together makes this country a heavenly land on earth.

Pictures Of Cute Baby Animals With MOM (25 Photos)

Here are incredible pictures of cute baby animals with mom from the land, sea and air. In this collection you will see cat, giraffe, bear, tiger, lion, monkeys and lots of other baby animals.

Top 10 Fast Fat Burning Foods That Help Lose Belly Fat Fast

The video below gives information on some of the fast fat burning foods that will help to lose belly fat fast.

Smart Cows Compilation

The video below amazes me how smart cows have become. They know how to open gate or how to turn on tap of water. Watch this rare collection of clips which shows cows being smart.

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Latest Photoshoot Of Gorgeous Pakistani Actress Fiza Ali

Pakistani model and actress Fiza Ali born in Karachi Pakistan. She started her career as a model in 2000. Then in 2003 she started her acting career with drama serial Mehndi. 

WWE Female Star Eva Marie Decides to Leave. – Top 7 Eva Marie Instagram Photos

Eva Marie has left the WWE. After joining in the year 2016, the 32-year-old professional wrestler has said goodbye to her wrestling career with WWE.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Disha Patani Photoshoot For Grazia Magazine August 2017

Disha Patani photoshoot for Grazia Magazine August 2017 issue. Disha is looking drop dead gorgeous in Grazia Shoot. She had a amazing time in Kuala Lumpur for shooting Grazia India Magazine. 

Jaya Bachchan, Shweta Nanda and Navya Naveli Nanda Photoshoot For Vogue August 2017

Jaya Bachchan photoshoot with her daughter Shweta Nanda and granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda for Vogue Magazine August 2017 issue. The Bachan’s family is on of the most powerful family, from few well known bollywood families.

Maya Ali and Junaid Khan Photoshoot For Nomi Ansar Bridal Wear

Bridal and groom dresses are one of the most important part in whole wedding function. Nomi Ansari is a well known fashion designer. He has ability to mix traditional colors with new modern looks to give bride and groom more gorgeous look.

Gorgeous Hd Nature Wallpapers (12 Photos)

When we talk about beauty nothing can beat the beauty of nature. Beautiful nature is a beautiful gift of God. It feels like it is a part of heaven on earth. But you might have not seen so many of those places in your life.

Useful Acupressure Therapy About Our Bodies

The therapy of placing certain pressure on precise points of your body for treating and healing purposes. I have already shared a lot of videos about acupressure previously.Here is another video about the same in which 5 acupressure points have been revealed for quickly treating some common issues.

Quick and Easy Short Hairstyles

Women Hair styling can also be referred as an art, it only requires creativity and practice. But not every is a creative hair stylist like Sarah Angius who demonstrate unique and beautiful short hairstyles in this video. In this 2.5 mins video, you’ll learn a lot of new and easy hairstyles.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Colorful Bangles For Women

Bangles are great for any occasion. its usually made from glass, metal, plastic or wood. Married women always wear colorful bangles to enhance there outfit and also to attract their husbands. Here we share lots of colorful bangles in different materials so it became very easy for women choose their favorite.

How To Have Fun With Drunk Friends

Party means fun that never ends, it always has priceless memorable scenes. But Sometimes it leaves some of the most shameful memories in our life.So when you are drinking with your best and naughty friends in a party, do not go out of your mind because your friends become your enemy and take pictures from smartphones after doing ridiculous things.

A Guide How To Make A Best Coffee

There are different types of coffees sold in cafes now a days but you won’t like the taste from every shop. You might have tried a lot coffee shops but you only prefer to go back to one or few only.

How To Get White Shoes White Again

We all know how difficult is to maintain white color, doesn’t matter if its white shoes or white shirt. Specially for white shoes they pick up dirt fast and then it is difficult to clean them and bring back to original color. But don’t worry in this video you’ll learn how to clean your white shoes. Its pretty simple  just follow the steps. But if you are lazy like me you’ll buy new pair of shoes instead

Monday, August 14, 2017

Best Workout At Home Without Equipment

Do you know you can do High-intensity circuit exercises using your own body weight, means you don’t have to go to the gym or lift weights. All you need is motivation to get started. Workout to do at home when you have a limited space and no equipment.

Beautiful Sunflower Photos (25 Photos)

Sunflowers have big bright, happy yellow face color preening in the sunshine. It can grow up to 3 meters tall with a flower head that can be 30 cm wide. Here we have wonderful sunflowers photos.

Best Nails Colors For Summer

Summer is a great season to get bold with a loud nail color, its boost your mood instantly. From a school girl to an aunt every women love Nail colors.

Sonam Kapoor Stunning Photoshoot For Shehla Khan

The fashion queen Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot for Shehla Khan designer. Mumbai based Shehla Khan is one of the best friend of Sonam Kapoor. So, It is natural when she launched her new collection, she picked Sonam. 

Kriti Sanon Photoshoot For FHM Magazine July 2017

Kriti Sanon photoshoot for FHM Magazine July 2017 issue. Kriti looks sultry in white shirt zipper dress as well as cuffs and collars. Her wet hair add to the hotness in her photoshoot.

Disha Patani Photoshoot For Harper’s Bazaar August 2017

Disha Patani photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine August 2017 issue. Disha is looking elegant in lacy Millennial Pink Chanel dress. The dress was layered with Kaftan.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Creative Chairs Collection

Sit on a soft chair and relax after a long working day is a very pleasant experience. These Creative Chairs designed by Romania based talented artist Irina Neacsu. Each character of chair is unique, manually personalized.

Adorable Baby Wallpapers (13 Photos)

Babies are the most cutest and loving creature on earth and get attraction to everyone. if you are among them and want to take lovely pictures of the adorable babies then check out this our babies wallpapers collection.

15 Advice To Keep Relationship Working

Relationships are not time pass, they are meant to be made stronger and stronger and not to be broken. We should care and respect them the one we are in relationship if we really want to keep it going.

Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Photoshoot For Filmfare June 2017

Kriti Sanon and Sushant Singh Rajput photoshoot for Filmfare Magazine June 2017 issue. The Filmfare story titled, “Sushant-Kriti Showbiz” Latest Love Birds”.

Disha Patani Photoshoot For GQ Magazine July 2017

Disha Patani photoshoot for GQ Magazine July 2017 issue. Disha is looking bold and super hot in this photoshoot.

Arjun Kapoor and Athiya Shetty Photoshoot For Vogue July 2017

Arjun Kapoor and Athiya Shetty photoshoot for fashion Magazine Vogue July 2017 issue. Arjun and Athiya make a sizzling pair and have been paired opposite in Anees Bazmee’s “Mubarakan”.

Anushka Sharma Photoshoot For Filmfare Magazine August 2017

Anushka Sharma photoshoot for Filmfare Magazine August 2017 issue. Anushka is looking stunning in bold backless dress on the cover page of Filmfare.

Gorgeous Indian Anarkali Suits

Indian Anarkali Suits are the ideal dress for woman, Indian woman extensively wear Indian Anarkali Suits on special occasions like Dipawali, Eid, Wedding and etc. Designer Anarkali Suits and Churidar are all the way comfortable yet stylish, fashionable and easy to wear in all age groups females.

Friday, July 28, 2017

10 Cool Excel Tricks

Besides this, computer literacy is must in every office. Basic knowledge of windows and Ms Office is essential to get you hired. When it comes to Ms Office beginner might be able to draft a document in word but he will have difficulties in using Excel because it is all about formulas, data management rows and columns.

click here to play 10 Cool Excel Tricks

Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates are one best gifts of mother nature. They contain different minerals and vitamins. Dates are a good source of dietary fiber that helps to relieve constipation. More health benefits of dates are shared in this video. 

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Cute Japanese Toast Art

After making Bento Box Art, Japanese are customized something cute of their daily food. Here is Cute Toast Art.

Beautiful Switzerland Wallpaper (27 Photos)

Switzerland is located in Europe and the capital is Bern. Here we have a very wondrous collection of beautiful country Switzerland Wallpapers.

Sonakshi Sinha Photoshoot For Elle Magazine June 2017

Sonakshi Sinha photoshoot for Elle Magazine June 2017 issue. Sonakshi is looking elegant and refreshing in floral printed chic outfits flaunting a plunging neckline.

Jacqueline Fernandez Photoshoot For Harper’s Bazaar Bride Magazine June 2017

acqueline Fernandez photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar Bride Magazine June 2017 issue. Jacqueline is looking royal bride in embellished golden blouse with a plunging neckline and a heavy pink lehenga with gold embroidery on it. 

Anil Kapoor Photoshoot With Son Harshvardhan For GQ Magazine June 2017

Anil Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor photoshoot together for GQ Magazine June 2017 issue. The Father and son are seen in similar Diesel shirts. 

Parineeti Chopra Photoshoot For Hello Magazine June 2017

Parineeti Chopra sizzling photoshoot for Hello Magazine June 2017 issue. Parineeti is looking stunning in black Falguni and Shane Peacock outfit with the gentle cream features highlighting the beauty of the outfit. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Disha Patani Photoshoot For FHM Magazine May 2017

Disha Patani hot photoshoot for FHM Magazine May 2017 issue. She looks fabulous and fully shaped. Disha is showing her fitness in FHM for ultimate fitness special issue. She is talking about 24 other reasons to be fit in 2017.

Deepika Padukone Photoshoot For Maxim Magazine June 2017

Deepika Padukone hot photoshoot for Maxim Magazine June 2017 issue. Deepika is seen flaunting her curves with toned thighs and slender waist, her killer looks will definitely take your breath away.

Mahira Khan Photoshoot For Vogue India June 2017

Mahira Khan photoshoot for Vogue Magazine India June 2017 issue. Mahira is looking drop dead gorgeous in natural, no-makeup look. She shared her beauty secrets and told some details that how she looks so flawless.

Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot For Vogue Magazine June 2017

Gorgeous Sonam Kapoor photoshoot for Vogue Magazine June 2017 issue. Fashionista Sonam Kapoor has captured everyone’s attention after gracing the red carpet of Cannes 2017, by getting on the cover of Vogue of their 10th anniversary issue. 

Unusual and Incredible Animal Friendship (31 Photos)

Friendship is great. As humans animals can be also friends. If animals live together they became often friends. Here we have unusual and incredible pictures of animal friends who look beyond each others’ differences and see the wonderful souls beneath the surface. 

Saba Qamar Photoshoot For Ok Pakistan

Saba Qamar sizzling photoshoot for Ok Pakistan. Saba Qamar is looking stunning in heavily embroidered choli and ghagra with vibrant prints, this is from the marjaan collection by Nomi Ansari. 

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Best Life Hacks With Clothes Peg Will Change Your Life Forever

Clothes peg is wooden or plastic clip used to fasten clothes on the clothes line. They are cheap and easily available in every house.
But do you know how clothes peg can save your day, it is useful is different daily hacks. In the video below are 10 best hacks clothes peg can offer, you’ll be shocked.

A Morning Workout To Give You Energy All Day

In this video sharing some stretching exercises which you can do in your bed right after you wake up. It will take only 10 mins max to do this. Following this exercise will make your morning little more pleasant and give energy to kick start your day.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Priyanka Chopra Photoshoot For Glamour Magazine May 2017

Baywatch girl Priyanka Chopra is looking hot in the photoshoot for Glamour Magazine May 2017 issue.

Sonam Kapoor Photoshoot For Khush Wedding Magazine

Sonam Kapoor, who is always known for her perfect fashion trends recently did a bridal photoshoot for Khush Wedding Magazine and she just allure over it. 

Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor Photoshoot For Filmfare Magazine May 2017

Bollywood super popular stars Shraddha Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor photoshoot for Filmfare Magazine May 2017 issue.